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BRUJAS WORLD SYNDICATE is an experimental union for cultural producers.

Since BRUJAS was established in 2014, we’ve been building a program influenced by sobering experiences of reality and our wildest dreams. Three guiding principles we’ve built up, don’t sell out, don’t snitch, and together we build our own survival networks.

We are starting by providing efficient access to all of our best tools. Our first ever public facing membership program is designed to build a collaboration with y’all in the defense and change of the world as we know it. In order to grow our public offerings and free programs, we need to both distinguish and defend what we do as bigger than streetwear. We’re only making as many hoodies as there are BRUJAS. Only the BRUJAS WORLD SYNDICATE will have access to ordering BRUJAS through our catalog, making it more of a radical, sustainable style and allowing us to continue manufacturing locally. To be a card carrying member of BRUJAS means you’re WITH US.

This membership model gives you exclusive access to our ready-to-wear catalog, syllabus and design forum, archive (including all past zines and membership orientations), radio streams, and yearly publication. We are leaving the push for growth model behind and building more meaning into what BRUJAS means together. Defend, Build Power, then Win.